• Jessica Osorio

    Jessica Osorio

    Mobile Growth Hacker @Mozilla. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessosorio/

  • Roney Ngala β˜…

    Roney Ngala β˜…

    Your virtual Web worker and Copy-maker... I give businesses good looks on screens, and I'll be serving you #CupsofCopy - just to make the Internet nicer.

  • Joseph George Variam

    Joseph George Variam

    Software Dude, Djembe Drummer

  • S M Anwarul Islam

    S M Anwarul Islam

    Always striving to learn new things and improve my knowledge | A tech enthusiast | Front-end Developer on a Journey to the Backend | Perfection is My Habit

  • Will Kempster (kempsterrrr)

    Will Kempster (kempsterrrr)

    Recruiting JavaScript Engineers in London whilst learning JavaScript Engineering in London. I generally talk about one or the other, in London

  • shanmuganandh


  • Matt Gaunt

    Matt Gaunt

    (a.k.a Gaunt Face) @ Google

  • Peter Cooper

    Peter Cooper

    Friendly chief publisher at @CooperPress, programmer, editor of JavaScript Weekly and more.

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