The easiest way to make a valid Hacktoberfest Contribution (without spamming)

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OK, before I get thrown to the wolves, let’s get something clear here. As a mildly engaged open-source maintainer that dealt with spam and borderline spam PRs for the past few Hacktoberfests, I don’t mind when one of my repositories gets spam pull requests or my favourite “I ran a linter” PRs. That’s why bulk actions were invented.

I do understand why most maintainers are not that happy with the idea. But I also get the T-Shirt obsession. Hell, the only reason I got into Open Source was for a T-Shirt. And after 2020 I can see why people don’t have the energy to bother too much with side projects and evening hacking.

So if you want an easy and still legit way of getting that T-Shirt, and you’re not comfortable with opening PRs against your own repositories for it, I’ve got a solution for you.

It’s a JSON based repo, and you can get away with a 4 line PR, with a horrible, cringe-worthy computer pun(that’s British for a one-line joke). And the maintainer, yours truly, will actually be happy if there are hundreds of open PRs. The more, the better I’d say. Hey, you can even make all 4 Hacktoberfest PRs against that repo, and that’s your T-Shirt right there.

Originally published at on October 2, 2020.

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Developer Avocado 🥑 Manager @fidelhq by day, @mozillareps & @moztechspeakers by night. I do things for T-Shirts. Made 1/2 @DevRelAvocados

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